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the story of two strangers, a marine, and God’s love

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In November of 2021, two obedient disciples, Jaime and Richard responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to make a very important phone call. The call was to a Marine veteran they had met while he was waiting their table in a restaurant in San Antonio many months prior. Jaime requested his phone number that day thinking one day they might follow up with him. While going through his phone almost a year later, Jaime felt the prompting to call the young man that had waited on him that day. What Jaime didn’t know was the young man was alone in his apartment contemplating taking his life. Depression threatened to add to the devastating statistics regarding veterans with PTSD.

The young man would never answer the phone for an unknown number, but for a reason he couldn’t explain himself, he answered the phone. In the hours that followed, Jaime and Richard talked with him. Richard shared how Matthew 18 demonstrates the true heart of God for even one lost lamb. How God would move heaven and earth to save one soul. The Marine had been raised in church and through the years had cut himself off to any discussions about God. Yet on that night, he was fully convinced that God saw him in his darkest hour and sought him out. That night he knew he was the lost sheep in Matthew 18 and the loving Shephard Jesus had come to him. 

The next day he called his dad overwhelmed by God’s miraculous intervention. Over the next several days God continued to speak to him. He later told his dad how one night in particular he spent all night in deep prayer and how he experienced the mighty presence of God with him in his apartment.

In the weeks before the phone call from Jaime and Richard, the Marine had been drinking excessively. Alcohol is a common coping mechanism for veterans with PTSD and he had been consuming dangerous amount of liquor. Although his response to God was genuine, the damage was already done. The day after that all night encounter with God, he checked himself into San Antonio Methodist Hospital extremely sick. His parents came from Houston and was with him when the doctor told him he was in liver failure. Bringing him back home to Alvin, Texas the family was optimistic he would be healthy enough to get a transplant, but that wasn’t to be. Within three weeks of diagnosis, the young Marine passed away in Houston Methodist Hospital.

That Marine was my son, Stephen Wayne Vaughn Jr and our family is eternally grateful for the loving Shephard that left the ninety-nine to search and find that one lost lamb. For years I prayed for the unknown disciples that would be sent by God to my son and we are eternally grateful for the two evangelist that were sensitive to, and available to the Holy Spirit to be used by God in Stephen Jr.’s reconciliation.

It’s our purpose to always be sensitive, available and obedient to evangelize the lost. Pray for us. We just might be the Jaime and Richard for your loved one. We are ready, passionate that “None Perish”.

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"Not willing that any should perish..." 2 Peter 3:9

2 Peter 3:9 reveals to us that God “is patient, not wanting anyone to perish, and wants everyone to come to repentance.” This is the heart of God. Yet, Jesus says in Luke 13:3 “Unless you repent, you will perish.”

We conclude then, that even though God is not willing (wanting) any to perish, many will. Are we as "not willing" that any should perish as our Father is?

True evangelism is the expression of God’s heart that all should be saved.  Disciples who share their Father’s heart are also "not willing" that any should perish and preach repentance with great passion. “None Perish” is the mindset we have adopted to walk in genuine, urgent evangelism.

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"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek." Romans 1:16

None Perish Evangelistic Ministries is driven by a genuine passion to see the lost saved. It’s more than a confession, it is a commitment born out of conviction. A genuine urgency to save that which was lost by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ has ignited in us and many others. We have seen the lost come to salvation through genuine evangelism and believe God is just as much in the business of saving as He has ever been. We firmly believe His expected return is pending because He is long suffering, not willing that any should perish. (2 Peter 3:9) It’s not our belief that hurried evangelism will expedite His return, but we are compelled to see the lost reconciled with the Father. We strive to see healing of the spiritually poor, broken-hearted, captive, spiritually blind and oppressed in our communities, neighbors, and families. (Luke 4:18) Jesus still saves!

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NONE PERISH Evangelistic Ministries is a non-profit charitable ministry of Alvin Community Outreach 501(c)3

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We understand that varying doctrines have led to various denominations within the greater body of Christ. It’s our belief that the simplicity of the Gospel is our ministry and the doctrines that have resulted in differing denominations are best taught by the local pastors. We desire to be of service to the body of Christ as a whole and hope to be welcome in many pulpits and church gatherings through straight forward evangelism. None Perish Evangelistic Ministries is a team of disciples including Steve Vaughn (Stephen Sr), who has served the Kingdom for 25 years as an evangelist, itinerant preacher and pastor. Twenty of those years have been partnered with his beautiful bride Michelle and an amazing support team of family and friends that have been vital to the ongoing work of the Gospel.

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A ministry focused on American Veterans suffering with PTSD

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We are purposed to support the local church & pastors through evangelism. Bringing the lost to Christ will mean bringing them into church fellowship.

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A practical, biblical approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a proper understanding of how to incorporate evangelism in everyday life.

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