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While in the hospital with liver failure, Stephen Jr. asked me what his life of ministry might look like now that he had quit drinking and rededicated his life to the Lord. He said, "Dad, you have always told me that I had a special calling on my life. Others also have told me the same thing. What do you think that looks like?" I told him, "Son, the greatest asset we have is our testimony. Our ministry is to share what Jesus has done in our life. Your story will not only be able to help those who suffer with alcohol, but any addiction. Your life story can inspire others from any circumstance that need hope." He was silent for a moment, then he simply said, "...and veterans. I want to help veterans." Those words echo in my heart like the soft steady beat of a drum.

Several days later, he passed away. It's been hard for his family to come to terms with not having him with us. We would prefer his ministry be him telling his own story. However, we are determined that God be glorified through Stephen's reconciliation and are committed to telling his story of redemption. 

Stephen Jr's liver failure was brought on by alcohol, a coping mechanism of severe PTSD. Stephen was a disabled veteran and wanted to help other veterans suffering with PTSD. As a father and veteran myself, I embrace this as an important part of our evangelistic focus. Stephen knew what veterans with PTSD were going through. As a combat veteran he wished "no man left behind". This is consistent with our mission that drives None Perish Evangelistic Ministries.

I'd love to come to your organization, church or ministry to share the powerful testimony and miracles Stephen Jr witnessed in the last month of his life. We don't charge. We want the story told.

- Steve (Stephen Wayne Vaughn Sr.)

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